J5 Original Surfer Jandals™

J5 Original Surfer Jandals™

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The original surfer jandals™, GREAT for summer!

UPPER - SOFT PVC Comfortable 100% polyester with excellent tear strength and vibrant colour.

INSOLE - EVA @ 45'D Comfortable and highly durable.

OUTSOLE - EVR @75'D Hard and solid, good abrasion resistance and highly durable with skid-resistance.



We have customers that come up from Auckland & Whangarei just to by The Zigzag (J1) jandal because they like them so much.

Riders Sport, Kaitaia

THE ONLY jandal to wear at the local boat ramp (it can be muddy and slippery due to mangroves nearby ) is the Pat Jong Jandal!!

Customer of Wellsford Sports & Leisure

My good customer the D's family (5 in family) all wore the J5's Original Surfer Jandals to a beach wedding!!

Wellsford Sports & Leisure Centre

Love my J3’s I bought .... Gotta say I was impressed walking the 10km round trip up to the Hooker Glacier in them last weekend. Couldn’t have done that in havaianas!